The Warrant Protects

1st Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s notes:

• Find a way to tag Lord Horatio Drake’s messages for review. Orbest Dray previously was monitoring messages for HD.
• Ship should be ready for departure in 5.8 months. Review the ship reports of Orbest Dray to speed up departure. Follow up meeting in one week from our arrival. I estimate the ship is space worthy now. We will be leaving in the week.
• Ship discipline is very poor.
• Aspyce Chorda – a rogue trader that has invited us to Footfall. The Chorda family is one of the oldest families in the Koronus Expanse.
• Need to obtain High Gothic
• Veridia, Dusilla, Glorinda, Indra Liara.
• Assigned poor quarters by Orbest Dray acting under my authority.
• Festus Gorath – Chief Tech Priest
• Captain Horatio Drake seemed to take great pause at the mention of the Inquisition.
• Slen – tech that has the big picture in mind. BEFRIEND him.
• Hadrifax Marn – Orientor of the Ordo Davidius. He is on his way to Luthien, a charted planet but it is unexplored and uninhabitated.



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