The Warrant Protects

2nd Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s notes:

Orientor Hadrifax Marn
• Wants to go straight to Footfall
• He is new to this area
• I made a good impression
• He is difficult to get info out of
• He stays away from Torian York
• Was very scared of the Inquisitor Suetonius who was posing as Interrogator Schratter, does he know more, or is he hiding something? ENEMY ALERT!
Large expenditures were authorized by the Drake family to Godfrey Drake. They were used for easily converted trade goods and spent on a star chart of Fenton Kali. Fenton Kail is a rogue trader from several hundred years ago who was convinced he found a STC. Everyone on Port Wander is convinced it is fool’s gold and the ship is a joke because of this purchase. The purchase also temporarily reduced our PF by five.
Torian York – not so fire and brimstone as most.

Horatio Drake:
• preformed very well on the spot
• wrapped Festus Gorath around his finger
• very interested in the navigators
Corneilius – did not talk to Festus at the dinner despite sitting near him.
Emma focused her attention on Torian York
Torian York focused his attention on HD.
Godfrey focused his attention on Indra and Mafune.
Anna needs guns and is very wary at all times.
• She is an acolyte of Interrogator Schratter. She is good or does not seem to know that the Interrogator is the Inquisitor.
Interrogator Schratter
• He knew of our destination of Luthian and was testing HD.
• He really is Inquisitor Swaytonis.



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