The Warrant Protects

3rd Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s notes:

Met with Lord Captain Horatio Drake (HD)
• While apologetic to the Godfrey situation in regards to me he did not seem to understand the significance of the blunder at first. It took some pushing but he eventually (at least partially) grasped the full range of the issue, and agreed to most of my fixes.
• HD had an unexpectedly ruthless desire for extreme punishment to the trader Malloc Enacius who had sold Godfrey the map when HD believed Malloc Enacius was besmirching the Drake name.
• HD is looking for a valet and tasked Orbest Dray to find him one.
• The pilgrimage of Orientor Hadrifax Marn “job” is being done for no pay. It is being done as “good will” to the Archpontifax Banion Trell. Whom, according to the Lord-Captain, we would not be leaving port had he not wished it. This may have been the news I heard about the warrant of trade being held up then miraculously being fixed. I must find out more about this Archpontifax, and his relation with Orientor Hadrifax Marn, who was clearly scared by our visit with the Inquisition.
• HD requested that Richard Drake, and the Rose of Anglica, be considered highly for any merchant vessels we will need. This will make is so easy to keep Richard nearby in HD’s replacement becomes necessary. Perhaps this is an example of HD keeping an enemy of his close so he knows what is going on. Perhaps it is simply him trying to get more profit for his Dynasty by getting them the trading contracts Perhaps he is oblivious to the lengths people will go to control someone in his position, or perhaps it is something much simpler. Regardless Richard Drake is not a sore subject with HD and one I can explore more with him later.
• HD went on and on about the new quarters he wanted and how great they were. He also expressed a desire for me to move my quarters nearby his new ones.
Ran into Paolo Rajoy as I was leaving the Lord-Captain’s quarters. He claimed to have a meeting with HD next. Ships logs turned up that Paolo was a functionary of Factor Orbest Dray’s during the ship rehab, perhaps he is the valet candidate HD asked Factor Dray to find.
Met with Crimson Zell
• She is a morbidly obese woman with a mechanical spider-like walking apparatus.
• To get the meeting I had to order Trelan Amasec from the bartender at the Rubicon II’s Day. What a horrible name for a bar.
• She informed me that Arturo Ramirez was about, but no details as to where.
• She had to profit opportunities for me.
o Transport Traxis Munn to Kaisus in the Accursed Domain. The fee she is willing to pay is so high than the ship’s PF could go up by one just for making the drop.
o The Archdutchess Tigien is simply mad, and has acquired a taste for a rare flower that grows on Pirium in the Accursed Domain. The collection and harvesting trade of this flower I estimate could come to about four PF. I suspect this flower may have some drug related use.
I acquired good quality furnishings for the Lord-Captain’s new quarters & a best quality disguise kit for myself. I was unable to acquire a targeting monocle and fancy guns for HD’s personal guards.
Met with Naomi Carter
• I put her on the payroll. I could have made her an indentured serf, but I chose not to push a contact as valuable has her. She is paid nothing for what she is really doing, but so much so that she will not look elsewhere.
• Malloc Enacius, a small time trader who took Godfrey’s money for a fool’s gold star chart, trades all around Rubicon II. He is known for being a weasel. He is also known to have just left Port Wander.
• There have been more and more rumblings about a increase in Battlefleet Calaxis activity at Port Wander.
• Possible opportunity…Captain Naron Zurat, a merchant captain for the Lorien Dynasty, found some archeotech artifacts on a world claimed by the Lorien Dynasty, but the Lorien’s have stopped paying him so he is willing to share the info with who will pay him.
• Aspyce Chorda had a run in with the Pirates of Inequity. She slaughtered those who did not surrender. Those that did surrender she lobotomized every last one of them and used as slave labor.
• The Leonidies Dynasty’s current head is Iradgan Leonidies with his flagship being the Pride of Smira. They are a very loud, successful and diversified Dynasty.
• Winterscale Dynasty is a major rogue trader dynasty. A whole section of the Expanse is named after them. Aspyce Chorda went to war with them.
I befriended members of the 3rd platoon. When I woke up my arm hurt from our night out. I need to use a disguise next time. I need to find out what they do on the ship. Potential ideas are to have them assigned to guard Hadrifax Marn’s cargo. That way when I sneak in if I get caught I can quickly change my tune to “testing the security we have in place.” I then “reward” them by telling them that their commanding officers will get my full report of their proficiency. This will go over easier with people I already know. As a bonus this will also make them look more competent and more likely to stay on the ship.
Sanyon Dynasty is a small fish rogue trader-wise. They are very cautious and mostly operate out of the Foundling Worlds area of the Expanse.



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