The Warrant Protects

5th Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s notes:

HD didn’t want to deal with Dragos due to time.
I created a disguise (very well 7 degrees of success) who I have named Thadius Zuran.
I need to talk to Paulo enroute about his reaction to Dragos’ servant.
I acquired a heavy loader, a stasis pod (poor), and a platoon of combat servitors (poor).
I met with Captain Zurat on his ship using my Thadius Zuran disguise, and obtained the info for the archeotech job. Back on the Arcadia I ran the numbers and asked HD if he wanted to meet with Captain Zurat. Our meeting went very well as (I netted 10 degrees of success) and the contract heavily favor us including payments for Zurat’s percentage being laundered through companies I setup so I can take a service fee. HD did not seem to have a good grip on the details of the negotiations, but he was wise enough to just let me handle them. I can explain to him later.
Somehow one of the 3rd battalion recognized me in my disguise and followed me to “keep me safe.” They will be more useful than I originally imagined.
Crimson Zell sent a functionary to meet with me for the Pirium flowers deal. Luckily I was in disguise and it appeared that I also sent a functionary. I too owned these negotiations (8 degrees of success). Once again setting up shell companies to funnel money through and keep more profits.
The Arcadia left Port Wander en route for the Maw when we ran into a vessel that was carrying Victrix. The enigma that is Godfrey Drake deftly maneuvered us in a very risky landing to take on Victrix.
Once we were in position HD gave the word and we jumped into the warp. The geller field flickered for a second then went out.



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