The Warrant Protects

6th Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s personal files:

With the geller field completely inoperable the Lord-Captain and our first officer ordered the ship to translate back to normal space. Those most afflicted by occurance seem to have been Glorindra and Indra Liara, and one of choir Astratelepathica. HD held in his fear the best he could but his terror was evident by his shaking and trembling.
Magos Victrix found blatant sabotage done to our Geller Field, and had it repaired in one day. She tortured and flayed the tech-priestess responsible.
My disinformation campaign about the event being just a warp drive test worked wonders.
I heard the chanting of the words “Terran Gontrix” done with glee while I slept during our warp journey.
I tasked Acolyte Rela with heading the task of sweeping the ship for any problems caused by the geller field being down. She found Traxis Munn in his stasis capsule. She claimed him to be the center of some of the warp energies she sense. I told her we were lucky that he remained in stasis then and she should continue her searches. She pressed her case to open the pod all the way to the Lord Captain. He too would not open it in the warp if he was dangerous. She later revealed him to be a powerful psyker. On that note HD had him shot into the warp (not the way I would have handled this). Her inability to “play the game” has forced me to play hardball. It is time to crackdown on her and break her down before building her back up and making her an ally. While she clearly showed inexperience and bad judgment her pompous attitude makes me wonder if she is not in fact Interrogator Schratter. When pressed about authority she did not refer to Schratter she said Suetonius’ name, as if she had a closer connection to him. Also I know little of the Inquisition, but it strikes me as odd that they would send a lone Acolyte. I will have to monitor who she keeps as company. She may have other allies already onboard.
After spending 10 more days in warpspace than we expected we translated back to reality only to find ourselves nowhere near the Temple, and 239 days later than we left.



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