The Warrant Protects

7th Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s personal files:

Venatus Acider, The man I put in charge of heading up the ship wide search for heresy discovered a man possessed by a demon! The charges were confirmed (or at least not denied) by both Preacher Torian York and Acolyte Rela. As we spaced him I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that I had made a mistake. His argument was heartfelt and compelling. [I lost sanity!]
Godfrey seems to have regrets towards Mafune Zulata.
I was able to point out a change in the patterns we were seeing from the scanner reports that lead Lan Se Hu to breakthrough discoveries while we were investigating the unknown system.
First Senior Officer Staff meeting! Yes, that is right folks, we have departed the Imperium, had a geller field collapse, spaced two men, and it is not until we come across an alien life form and unknown planet that we finally have a Senior Staff meeting.
• Invited: (head of table going clockwise) HD, Me, Westley, Victrix, Mafune, Anne, Verida, Lan, Hadril.
• Noteably Not Invited: Emma Drake, Torian York, Cornelius Gecko, Festus Gorath, Glorindra Liara, Godfrey Drake
• Topic 1: Xenos offer to meet.
o Their language is based off of High Gothic which shows past contact with the Imperium.
o They have valuable elements in their Astroid belt that could be mined for profit.
o They refer to us as the creators.
o Veridia was USELESS and a bitch by giving us know idea of where we really are other than some starchart coordinates that no one else understood. So shipping costs are hard to estimate.
o Orientor Marn insisted on joining the meeting, but was denied.
o Lin Se Hu hates xenos.
o Victrix really voted for taking the meeting only to agree with HD. Everything she said was a “no.”
o My opinion is the Xenos could be used for cheap labor to mine the resources for us, and disposed of later. They have had contact with the Imperium before so we need to get a look at their data records. Also they do have spacecraft. They may know of other nearby systems.
o Votes for the meeting with the Xenos (6): HD, me, Westley, Victrix, Veridia, Hadril.
o Votes against (3): Lan, Anne, Mafune
HD wants Aquri Lander or Guncutters (small spacecraft)
We departed the Arcadia in 3X-17 an Arvis Lighter shuttle with a cargo hold that can hold 12. Very curious that HD selected 12 to go (HD, Me, Anne, Westley, Cornelius, Veridia, Victix*, and 5 Hughes Family guards), but HD stayed in the cockpit the entire time meaning we could have taken another passenger. *=Victrix asked to go herself. Godfrey was our pilot.
As we arrived we came across a remarkable sight. Tens of eight-legged sentient beings were gathered before us as a royal welcoming party or a trap as they were all heavily armored with metal coverings. The site overwhelmed all of us. Remarkably I was able to keep my composure, though I am very glad that it is Horatio and not I who is in charge of opening negotiations. I am unsure how much longer I can keep it together.



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