The Warrant Protects

8th Session Recap

From Sarvas Gecko’s personal files:

After several tense moments and a frustratingly long conversation that I could not understand HD informed us that we had been invited to a feast in our honor. HD invited all willing to go to the feast with him. Anne, Victrix and Veridia accepted his offer. I was very torn. On one hand the knowledge and information to be gained by going with HD was appealing, on the other; this was still a very dangerous situation and Cornelius was still greatly at risk. He was not handling this ordeal well and HD was going to leave the shuttle (our only means of escape) with only one guard. The straw that broke pushing me to stay was that I cannot understand High Gothic. I would be left only interpreting xenos body language. Ultimately I decided to stay with the shuttle. I figured I could help guard if things went bad, I could keep Cornelius safe, I was not going to understand anything I saw at this time if I went, I may be able to sneak off and explore (that was shot down with a direct order by HD), and I could fade into the background. This is important because if things went well they would gain a better understanding of me (or a false one I do not wish to portray), and I would gain little to nothing from them. If it goes well I will have time to study the recordings and analyze their ways and what they said and show up better prepared than they will be for me. If things go badly I am on the only shuttle ready to leave. While I dislike missing out on knowledge I know my choice is the prudent one especially with Cornelius around.
HD informs me of their adherence to the faith in the god-emperor. I suggest he uses Torian York to his advantage with them. Torian will also know high-gothic. Also I inform HD of what I have learned from this place. The place was constructed clearly by Adeptus Mechanicus but was done so a long, long time ago. I come up with my best guess as to what had happened. I later find out my hypothesis does not exactly match what HD has been told by the xenos.
I start learning High Gothic from Westley.
After the feast HD returns to the shuttle and informs me of the agreement he has reached with the xenos. It is for the most valuable item in this belt, but is far from a fantastic contract. I need to learn High Gothic! It now becomes clear, it is very unlikely that these xenos mean us any harm unless we provoke them.
Now I have to take this contract and run with it. There is still A LOT of work to be done before this becomes profitable. Not to mention trading xenos technology back to the imperium may be legal for us but may be illegal for anyone who buys it. We will see where Victrix lies on this one. For she will be the key in making the tech “ours.”



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