Horatio Drake

Captain of The Arcadia


Horatio is the eldest son of the 73rd generation of the Nobel Drake family from the planet Anglica. Although raised in luxury and with the finest education, his was a family in decline. He was raised on old stories of years gone by when the family had a ship that visited different worlds and brought back treasures in gold, tech, art and culture. Of how this ship disappeared into the warp and took with it the Warrant of Trade that built the Drake line, and of the years since, as the family slowly but surely lost its wealth and power due to inept heads of family and other houses taking advance of the Drake’s loss of power.

As Horatio had always had a fascination with art, music and culture in general, and Xeno’s in specific, he dreamed of being able to visit other worlds, perhaps even discovering new ones. But they were only dreams, lost for a time as he fell prey to the Nobel games of decadence, vice and intrigue. Teaming with his cousin Richard, he cut a swath though the young nobles of Anglica with victories in the courtyards, halls and bedrooms of various other noble houses. Although the two treated the time as a game both knew they were honing their skills to help lead the Drake family in the future, but that was no reason not to enjoy the time they had before more serious duty called.

When the family ship, the Arcadia, showed up, released from the voids death grip, he knew that this was the opportunity, both for his family and himself to achieve their dreams. So he roused himself from the games of nobility and bent all his will to becoming the Arcadia’s Captain. It was no surprise to him that Richard took a similar course. Horatio immediacy dove into all of the family’s affairs and enterprises he could to secure the ships space worthy status and his placement as its captain. He acted with his father as ambassador from his Grandfather, the Patriarch of the Drake family, secure funds and crew for the ship. He covered the tedious normal work of others so they could work towards the same goal. He even pursued and married into the house of Hughes to bind them to the endeavor and utilize the money and contacts the assist with the ships launching. This marriage also ensured the continuation of his line leaving him available to captain the Arcadia. In short it took multiple acts of leadership, commence, and ultimately a dual with Richards to become the prime candidate.

Horatio’s marriage has turned into one of the biggest failures of his life. While a dutiful wife and mother, Victoria is a very cold and distant person. Despite Horatio’s best efforts at wooing her before and during their first year of marriage it became apparent that there would be little to no feelings between them. Although he was aware that she was not overly pleased at the arranged marriage, Horatio pursued her father’s approval more than hers during the courtship, almost all of his families first born had arranged marriages and most of them at least reached an acceptable compromise if not overt affection between the participants. But such was not to be for him. After fathering 2 sons together to ensure the family line continued they stopped sharing the same bedroom and after a while the same house as Horatio found more and more things to keep him away from home.

One of the side benefits of Captaining the Arcadia will be that his wife has no intention of accompanying him and although he will miss his boys, Edward and Alfred, they will be staying with his parents and grandparents so at least he can count on them having a good childhood. While he has refrained from any long term relationships outside of his marriage, he has had several discrete affairs, with his own Grandfather arranging for the first one thus giving permission for him to have others so long as the best of appearances were kept up. With the possibility of being away from home for years he feels he may be able to find more long term happiness aboard the Arcadia. As he is sure he will find enough excitement, fascinating cultures and prestige amongst the stars and other worlds to fill a lifetime or two at least.

Horatio Drake

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