Torian York

Ships Confessor of the Arcadia


Torian is the star of the House of York, a noble family from Anglica, and he was the only person (beyond Horatio) handpicked by William Drake for this assignment. Torian is a realist and utterly devoted to spreading the worship of the God Emperor. He is much less concerned with heresy than converting everyone in his path. Egregious offenses will be dealt with as heresy, but he has in the past used a soft hand to convert and reform those who others would have just condemned to the inquisition. Without a doubt he has the best reputation of anyone on the Arcadia, but he seems to be far from satisfied with resting on his laurels. The only thing that can easily get him off his game is the Adeptus Mechanicus. He just does not understand why Omnissiah can be worshiped as a god, and he continually tries to convert worshipers of Omnissiah. This undoubtedly causes a huge issue with any tech priest he runs into and Victrix is no exception to that.

Torian was very interested in catching the attention of the Lord-Captain at their initial dinner.

Torian York

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