Enginseer Prime of the Arcadia


Victrix is a tech priestess of Omnissiah aboard the Arcadia. She is actually from the same Forge World (Archaos) as Sarvas and Cornelius. Her services were acquired through the calling in of a debt and hard bargaining by the Hughes family. Her inclusion was one of the key contribution of the Hughes family, but having a tech priestess of her caliber on the ship is extremely valuable. While Victrix is fully on board the rogue trader mission of the Arcadia and was brought in as an asset provided by the Hughes family; she has her own motivations and interests and they rule her actions. The Hughes family has little to no control over her. While this seems like a great opportunity for those wishing to manipulate her, her personality makes it difficult to capitalize on without giving into her wants. She is a vital piece on the ship but one that will be very difficult to control. The only motivational leverage point is her dislike for Torian York.

She seems to have ‘odd’ tastes. Sarvas feels he will have to keep a close eye on those going forward.

She is extremely strict and has no tolerance for failure, and no compunction against torture-even to her own.


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